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Vote for Ellis County Proposition A at any of these locations (view map)


  • Eastridge Baptis t Church
  • Ellis County Sub-Courthouse
  • Enn is Public Library
  • Faith Assembly of God Church
  • Farley Street Baptist Church (GYM)
  • Ferris Public L ibrary
  • First Baptist Church Maypearl
  • Gra ce Church of Ovilla
  • Marvin Elem entary School (Cafeteria)
  • Midlothian Church of Christ
  • Midlothian Conference Center
  • Milford Senior Citizen Center
  • Mt. Peak Community Baptist Church
  • Mt Gilead Baptist Church
  • Palmer ISD Admin Build ing
  • Park Meadows Baptist Church
  • Red Oak Municipal Center
  • Salvation Army (rear of building)
  • Waxahachie Parks Recreation Building (side entrance off Madison )